Open Source E-Commerce Framework

Always Open Source

AviaCommerce is, and will always be open source. We believe that collaboration is a key ingredient for developing a stellar project.

The open source community has played a key role in the software development industry ecosystem, promoting open collaboration and often maintaining a very low tolerance for compromise.

Sub-Millisecond Response Time

See how Phoenix can handle 2 million websocket connections.

AviaCommerce is written in Elixir and Phoenix framework. Thus, leveraging all the benefits of the battle tested Erlang runtime, chiefly: high availability and massive scalability which results in blazing fast response times.

Integrated with Elasticsearch

AviaCommerce comes integrated with ElasticSearch and Kibana out of box. Elasticsearch provides a realtime, scalable, multitenant capable full-text search capability.

According to the DB-Engines ranking, Elasticsearch is the most popular enterprise search engine.